Republican Candidate for Governor Talks Jobs in Rockford

Republican Candidate for Governor Talks Jobs in Rockford

ROCKFORD - Senator Bill Brady stopped at shops at the Edgebrook Center.
ROCKFORD - A Republican Candidate for Governor stops in Rockford to talk jobs.

Senator Bill Brady going from shop to shop at the Edgebrook Center. He talked with store owners about their successes and challenges, and what the state could do to help.

Brady says Governor Pat Quinn has put up too much red tape on the business world, something he's ready to change.

"We need a better regulatory environment, a regulatory environment that assists  businesses in doing what they do employing people not a regulatory environment that stands in the way."

Brady also spoke on the issue of raising the minimum wage. He says it should stay at it's current level, but he believes his administration could foster more career jobs as opposed to the minimum wage part-time jobs.

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