RMTD Funding Spared by New City Budget

ROCKFORD -- There's a major breakthrough at Rockford City Council Monday night regarding the city's 2014 budget.

ROCKFORD --  There's a major breakthrough at Rockford  City Council Monday night regarding the city's 2014 budget.


Third Ward Alderman, Tom McNamara, spoke at city council  trying to keep the mass transit budget right where it's at. Ridership continues to increase over the last three years with over 1.8 million riders just last year.


Monday night, council agreed to keep the transit funds flat.


"I think it's important that we keep it the same because so many people, so many of our constituents and residents depend on Rockford Mass Transit District, especially during these tough times to get to and from work, to and from their daily activities," said McNamara.


A few of the major bullet points moving forward with next year's budget include sanitation losing $100 thousand to cover mass transit. $500 thousand will be used to demo property. Rockford Police will be able to hire five new officers. A three percent increase in liquor and tobacco fees will make up some of the lost money.

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