Rock Valley College Celebrates Those Who Have Fought for Our Freedom

ROCKFORD - RVC held its 14th annual Veterans Day Ceremony on Monday.
ROCKFORD - Rock Valley College celebrates those who have fought for our freedom.

It was one of many ceremonies across the stateline Monday, to honor local veterans.

The event included a showing of the colors, music and more. It was all to honor those who served, and continue to serve, our nation.

"When I see my older brothers and sisters the first thing on my mind is that they've seen something that I didn't," Private First Class U.S. Marine Ryan Damato explained. "They served in a different time, and that just makes me proud to carry on their legacy. They passed it on to their generation, and their generation passed it down from there. All of a sudden it's on me, and the next generation I'm going to be there saying these are our values, these are what we stand for."

This was Rock Valley's 14th year hosting their annual Veterans Day Ceremony.

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