Rockford Brawl Ends up in Eminem Music Video

Rockford Brawl Ends up in Eminem Music Video

Just how and why did this clip end up in the high-end rapper's music video?
ROCKFORD -- A local brawl caught on tape ends up in an Eminem rap video.  It's just a second or two, but the images clearly show a fight that happened last August outside the Public Safety Building.   (The clips can be seen in the music video at 0:30 & 2:15. Warning: the video has explicit language) Nick Naruz, owner of the Toad Hall record store explains why Eminem wanted violent clips. “Eminem is trying to show that he's trying to come back with what he used to have in a very aggressive mentality. So, these fight videos and riot videos and videos of destruction fit into his style."

Former Eyewitness News reporter Marty Kasper was in the middle of an interview when he accidentally captured the altercation.  Darin Spades from the Rockford Police Department details what it was about: “As we continued our investigation we found out that there was two groups of people that had a child custody dispute inside the courthouse." 

Eminem's newest music video for his hit single "Berzerk" was posted last week and already has over 18 million views on YouTube.

So just why would the Detroit-based rapper choose to fight footage that went down right here outside the Rockford police station? Naruz speculates, “You have a high crime rate--Rockford has its problems, like Detroit--thank god we're not as far gone as they are. But I'm sure that the video that was shown and shot here in Rockford has some resemblance of what happens in Detroit."

Now these Rockford rumblers are unintentionally immortalized in Eminem's newest music video.

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