Rockford Christian Fills Relief Truck

ROCKFORD - Donations continue to come in from all over the stateline.
ROCKFORD - Donations continue to come in for storm victims.

Rockford Christian is taking donations through Sunday to fill their semi-trailer. The truck will head to Coal City and nearby towns that were also effected by the tornadoes last weekend.

While much of the attention has been on Washington, Illinois, Rockford Christian faculty member Missy Thompson says other areas need the same type of relief.

"The Methodist Church knows that we have a truck of supplies coming, they need our truck of supplies. They're servicing a wide area down there. There's been a lot of focus on Washington, Illinois but there's not been as much focus on some of the other towns that have been impacted as well."

Rockford Christian volunteers will eventually make there way to Washington to help in the cleanup efforts.

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