Rockford Historians Restore Historic Rochelle Landmark

Rockford Historians Restore Historic Rochelle Landmark

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Stateline historians are loading up their rifles and firing for the rededication of Rochelle's G.A.R Cannon. It's a re-enactment of a ceremony that took place over a hundred years ago.


Rockford's Sons of Union and the Ladies of Auxiliary were on hand performing the re-enactment.

Members of both groups had relatives who fought in the Civil War. This dedication served as badge of honor.


Terry Dyer of The Sons of Union says "it's a rewarding thing to be able to work on something like this because you're doing it for him and you're keeping his memory alive. And all the other boys in blue who served in this state.


The Sons of Union has done many dedications throughout Illinois. But being able to restore the Stateline's Civil War history is something they take pride in.


Dyer says "it makes you feel very humble and it's very special for me because this is the community I grew up in."    


Rockford resident Steve Haight had an ancestor who served in the Civil War. Haight wears an exact replica of his ancestor's uniform in remembrance.  


Steve Haight of the Sons of Union says "he fought in the Michigan seventh infantry and he fought in all the major battles in the western theatre, and he was fortunate enough to get through it without being wounded.


Sons of Union plans to restore more local Civil War Monuments. And by the support they received from Hub City residents, the Stateline will keep embracing it.


Haight says "the people of the Flag Township Historical Society welcomed us here and assisted us when we did the restoration and were very much apart of putting on the ceremony here today, and we really appreciate it.
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