Rockford Hospitals Host "Consider the Conversation" at the Coronado

Rockford Hospitals Host "Consider the Conversation" at the Coronado

ROCKFORD - "Consider the Conversation" is a documentary on end of life discussions.
ROCKFORD - Rockford's three hospitals used film tonight to tackle a touchy topic for many stateliners.

The hour-long documentary "Consider the Conversation" highlights the importance of having a plan when it comes to death wishes.

The film gave perspectives from patients, family members, doctors and clergy on the "end of life" topic.

Representatives from our local hospitals say the conversation isn't an easy one to have, but it's one that's helpful for everyone in the end.

"A lot of times dying seems to be a subject that's taboo, you can't talk about it. And we need to talk about it because it's going to happen to every one of us. We need to be able to understand the individual's needs so that we can make sure we meet and exceed hopefully at the end of life," says Dr. John Dorsey of Rockford Health Systems.

Following the movie was a Q&A session.
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