Rockford Housing Authority Program Aims to create Entrepreneurs

Rockford Housing Authority teams up with online marketplace ETSY.com to inspire residents to sell their handmade goods on the web.

The hard economic times has inspired Rockford Housing Authority (RHA) to get creative. They’re helping residents take their art work
and turn it into a profitable online business.

The venture began as a partnership with www.etsy.com. ETSY is a website that showcases and sells handmade and vintage goods from around the world. RHA taught a group of students how to take their homemade creations and prepare them to sell online, the business could eventually become their main source of income.

The program was right on time for Juanita Hughes, she says she wanted to expand her jewelry making business, and now she finally will.

"It kind of inspired me to just step out there because if it hadn't been for that I would just probably still be selling to friends or people I know, and hiding this from the world, Hughes said."

You can check out the handmade creations on www.etsy.com, then search “Rockford.”


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