Rockford Marathon a Day of Healing

Rockford Marathon a Day of Healing

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Runners loosening and stretching. They are anticipating the start of the Rockford Marathon. Police are on watch.


You can feel the adrenaline flowing through the runners, and they line up at the starting line.


And they're off! More then 1200 hundred runners take to the streets. And with the Boston Marathon bombings still fresh in their minds, representatives say it's a day of running, and healing.


Event organizer Josh Rushton says "it's moving on and showing the world that runners in every race that we keep going strong and that we will continue on what we do."


Josh Rushton competed in the Boston Marathon. After the attacks, they beefed up security for the Rockford Marathon.


Rushton says "we had a little bit extra coming by, and extra police around the start and finish area at the beginning, and they will come back around towards the finish"


Runners I spoke with say they did not have any fear of running in the marathon, and they were not going to let anything get in their way, from finishing this race.


Oregon resident Gary Henderson says "you got to and do what you need to do you know, for yourself. Not let the fears of what goes on around the country stop you."


Runner Seth Kopf says "you know you don't think about it when you're running, but certainly what happened in Boston makes you a little more conscious about it."


Some of the runners dedicated finishing the marathon in honor of Boston victims. Symbolizing victory not only for the participants, but runners across the world.


Rushton says "we can show everyone that it's not affecting us in the way that it's going to affect us from doing what we love to do. So everyone is going to keep coming out, and keep running and supporting all the runners and now those who can't run anymore."


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