Rockford School Responds to Vandalism with Post-It Notes and Messages of Forgiveness

Students and teachers St. Bernadette Catholic Church and School have a unique message for some vandals, and a unique was of expressing it.
ROCKFORD  -- Halloween at St. Bernadette Catholic Church and School in Rockford was more of a trick than a treat.  Vandals left behind a trail of destruction.  The students shot back with a response for the criminals...And it might surprise you.

Pig races are a tradition at St. Bernadette, but the excitement and thrill of the day sum up the attitude of the lions.  The day after Halloween, it was a different emotion...

"We found that 35 windows and doors to our school and church had been shot out," says teacher Kevin Rilott.

Student Emily Heilkamp says, "I was told to go put a sign on the parish door that was completely shattered that for the people that were coming from mass because it was all saints day to use the other door."

Along with the broken glass, bricks literally shot off of school walls.  "We believe it was some sort of CO2 weapon and rifle and handgun." says Rilott.  "And they did it very methodically."

Instead of being angry, the students put the pen to the post-its, writing things like, "We forgive you and hope you have a change of heart."  Messages of forgiveness for those responsible.  "It was good to take something that was so negative and turn it into a positive," said student Matt Ialoggia.

Even going as far as encouraging the criminals to change their ways and join their church.

The vandalism was caught on security cameras, but descriptions are minimal at this time -- just that two men are responsible.
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