Rocktown Showdown Set

Rocktown Showdown Set

A night of MMA action is set for this Saturday at Giovanni's.
ROCKFORD-Mixed Martial Arts will return with a flurry this weekend in the Stateline.  It’s the annual Rocktown Showdown at Giovanni’s in Rockford.

Several of the fighters on the card will come from the Rockford Combat Fight Club. 

"It’s probably the best gym around as far as the talent and coaching that we have," says MMA competitor and club member Tom Hawley.

"This club is awesome," says fighter Rob Fenicle. "We’ve got the best training partners in Rockford if not in all of Northern Illinois."

The Club is owned by Shayne Adams a former U.S. Heavyweight Pro Champion in MMA.  His younger brother Jayson Adams will be one of the fighters on the card Saturday. He’s won four titles in his career, three in the Rocktown Showdown.  But this will be it for him.  He’s retiring after this one.

"Between work and I’ve got a little girl, and I focus all my time on that," says Jayson Adams explaining why he's retiring. "I can’t pay the bills if I’m hurt. And training with these guys, they’re young bucks, and it’s not easy. I’m not getting any younger.

"He wanted to do this and kind of have a last hurrah," says Shayne Adams.  "He vacated his belts, and decided to come out here and have a good time and had to have one good, fun fight for the road."

"I’m just going to go out there and have fun with it," says Jayson.

Hawley and Fenicle will also step into the cage Saturday along with several other local fighters.

"With me opening the school I really wanted to focus on getting our local talent," says Shayne Adams. "We’ve had a lot of national wrestlers come in because we’re primarily a striking school."

"I think we have a great combination of things here. A real club atmosphere. We share a lot of knowledge. There’s no one guy who sits at the top of the food chain who knows everything. We’re all specialists in what we do, and some of us mix it together very well."

The Rocktown Showdown will be held Saturday, October 26th at Giovanni's.  The doors will open at 6 p.m. The show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets start at $25. For tickets go to

Other fighters on the card Saturday include Tom Holder, David Sorensen, Dan Hart, Tommy Lagray, Justin Seeberger, Jason Martin, Danny Martinez, Nick Ledford, Tina Gomez, Terri Worley, David Dwyer and Ray Macielindong.
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