Severe Cold Not Causing Spike in Numbers at Rockford Shelters

Severe Cold Not Causing Spike in Numbers at Rockford Shelters

ROCKFORD- Severe cold temperatures don't cause a spike in numbers at homeless shelters.
"I was homeless, I was sick, physically, mentally, emotionally you name it. I was ready to go over the edge," said Debbi Moorman, who was homeless for two years before finding shelter at Carpenter's Place.

She says the workers there helped turn her life around. Today she's back. And, not only that she's working at the shelter and is also a member of the board. Hoping she can help others turn their lives around.

"Like I said they just took Gods love and showered me with it and taught me that I was a vital human being and I had a right to be on this earth and to do good things," said Moorman.

Despite the sub-zero temperatures outside, shelters like the Rockford Rescue Mission and Carpenter's Place are not seeing a spike in the number of people seeking help.

"Sometimes you know family members of someone who's homeless maybe they've had bridges burned... And they're not always willing to open their doors but I'm just saying this kind of bitter weather often does kind of tug anybody's heart and they make an exception for that," said Kay Larrick, Executive Director of Carpenter's Place.

"Typically our numbers stay pretty stagnant during the extreme conditions of weather. During the extremely hot, the extremely cold, severe storm, our numbers stay pretty static," said Chris Eldridge, Director of Development at Rockford Rescue Mission. 

But for those who don't have family to help them with shelter Rockford shelters make a world of a difference for many homeless stateliners and get them back on track. 

 "I would not be the person I am today if it hadn't been for Carenter's Place," said Moorman.
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