Sex Abuse School Scandal Leads to More Charges

Sex Abuse School Scandal Leads to More Charges

UPDATE: The Viva Performing Arts Director of Drama Timothy Boles, 51, is arrested.

UPDATE: On Nov. 16 the Viva Performing Arts Director of Drama Timothy Boles, 51, was arrested for failure to report abuse or neglect. Boles posted $500 thousand cash bond and was released. He’ll appear in court on December 18th.

UPDATE:   Lee County State’s Attorney Anna Sacco-Miller has filed misdemeanor charges against Viva Performing Arts Director of Drama Tim Boles for Failure to Report Abuse or Neglect.  Bond has been set at $5,000.00.

DIXON – Police Chief Dan Langloss says, “To have this type of an allegation come forward and to do nothing, to notify nobody, to even see if it's true or not true--they put kids in harms way. They put them at risk. And that's not acceptable."

Langloss is upset with the way the Viva Performing Arts School has handled this man. Vocal Instructor Robert Campbell is behind bars and charged with three counts of aggravated criminal sex abuse of a student.  The encounters allegedly happened on school grounds.  Ted Dalancey works across the street at a gymnastics studio: “I have no sympathy for whatever punishment the offender gets.  Simple as that."

This past spring, the 16 year old victim reportedly told Tim Boles, the director of drama at Viva Performing Arts, that he was being sexually abused but told him to not tell anyone else. Authorities are looking into whether he violated mandatory reporting laws.  Langloss says, “Our officers have been meeting with the state's attorney today, you know going over all the evidence and all the interviews--everything they have."

Delancey doesn't understand why school officials may have hesitated: “It would take me 2/10 of a second to call the police and get this individual taken care of because that child is emotionally hurt for a long, long time and it takes a long time to recover."

But Langloss, who has specialized in child abuse cases for 14 years, isn't surprised.

"88% of the time the offender’s identified and nothing happens--they're not even investigated."
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