Shirland Cancels School an Additional Day

Shirland Cancels School an Additional Day

SHIRLAND – Some Stateline parents were in for a surprise this morning when they learned that their kids would have to stay home from school an additional day. Shirland School District had some problems with their buses due to the extreme cold.
SHIRLAND – Shirland School District kids have been out of school for 18 days now and administrators are getting a bit frustrated with the situation.  Christmas break should have ended on Monday for Shirland school district, but due to the extreme cold and now bus troubles, John Ulferts, the superintendent, had to cancel school: “Today, we thought we were gonna have school because we got our buses started and everything was okay."

But things weren't okay.  Chris Scarpetta drives one of the two district buses and found the problem early Wednesday morning, “See now what would normally happen is you put it in drive and then the parking light will come off."

But it stayed on. That means the brake line was frozen.  A mechanic had to come out Wednesday afternoon to de-ice it. Superintendent John Ulferts has an idea to prevent this from happening again, “We're very interested in finding someone who would perhaps have a barn that would allow us to store our buses in their barn."

This is a solution that many rural districts utilize. Rockton School District contracts their buses from "First Student” so they didn't have any problems Wednesday morning. Kate Coleman, whose daughter goes to Whitman Post Elementary School, understands the frustration Shirland parents must have, “Just the little bickering. You know, getting bored. They were kinda getting cabin fever. They were ready to get back into a routine."

Shirland administrators like Ulferts are ready to get back into a routine too, “We've all had enough vacation and the kids are gonna be back here tomorrow haha."
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