Stateliners All Pitching In on Tornado Relief For Washington

Local Businesses setting up efforts to help Washington tornado victims
Rockford-A tornado ripping through Washington Illinois leaving dozens of homes destroyed, and many people in need of food and shelter. Here in the Stateline, residents are doing what they can to help out.

Rockford bars District, RBI’s and Onyx are collecting goods in U-Haul trucks, and driving them down to Washington.

District owner Andy Rio says “these people have lost everything. So anything that anybody can spare for them we’ll take it to them.”

The Rockton Fire Department is collecting bottled water to send to Washington since their water main broke.

Deputy Chief Cory Magnus of the Rockton Fire Department says “the members here felt that we wanted to take it one step further and help someone out of our community. He says. This is how we can do it.”

The Rock River Red Cross has been receiving calls non stop from Stateliners asking how they can help out those affected by the tornado.

Red Cross member Linda Parker has already dispatched a local crew there. One volunteer described to her the bleak scene.

Parker recalls. “The roads are all secured and it was dark. But just seeing the fact that there was nothing there was very disturbing. The need is great.”

Additional Information:

The Rockton Fire Protection District is taking bottled water until Friday. You can drop it off between 6am-8pm at 201 N. Blackhawk Blvd in Rockton IL.

Rockford Bars Onyx, District, and RBI’s are taking donations until 2am Tuesday morning.

The Northern Illinois Food Bank is accepting donations. Their website: http://solvehungertoday.org/

Mobility Connection at 4100 E. State Street in Rockford is also collecting bottled water.

To get in contact with the Red Cross you can visit their website at http://www.redcross.org/il/rockford
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