Stateliners Pitch in to Clean up Rockford

Stateliners Pitch in to Clean up Rockford

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Blue skies and not a drop of rain in sight. A perfect day to pick up trash. Jeremiah Demus of Rockford's West side Business Association says "we've had a busy day, my sons and I filled up about ten bags of debris that has accumulated since I guess last fall."


Jeremiah and his sons were among the nearly one hundred volunteers picking up garbage around Rockford's west side. Just a small part of the Great American Clean Up effort for the organization Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful.


Rockford neighborhood watch member Daniel Rose says "Wayne's feed store was kind enough to use their location as a pickup where you can come, you can get tongs, vest, garbage bags, gloves, and go out throughout your neighborhood and clean it up."


After the volunteers were done filling up their trash bags, they left them on the side of the road. At that point, organizers collected at least three hundred bags from this group alone. Do the alone. Do the math, with twenty locations that's nearly six thousand trash bags picked up today.


And for the workers, most agree. A cleaner city means a potential boost in business.

Demus says "we're aiming for a stronger business community. One that is viable, prosperous, works together, and anchors all of these neighborhoods together to function as one great piece of the city."


Volunteer Dana Schmidt says "to get more people to come to the west side would be great and have a lot more business cause we have some great businesses here already.


After a hard day's work, it was time to enjoy a cookout.


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