Tina Lamonica Given Heavier Sentence than Expected

Tina Lamonica Given Heavier Sentence than Expected

ROCKFORD – A local woman is sentenced today for the death of her newborn daughter. During her pregnancy, Tina Lamonica was addicted to cocaine. That caused her baby, Gia to die just 7 days after her birth. She took a plea deal for involuntary manslaughter and after a day filled with courtroom drama learned her sentence.
ROCKFORD – After months of delay, Tina Lamonica is finally sentenced on Tuesday.  Judge White gives the sentence, “It is the sentence of the court that the defendant be sentenced to the Illinois Department of corrections for a period of 12 years."

Prior to the sentencing the 39-year old Rockford woman passed out during the defense's closing remarks. It was the fifth time she's done this in the course of the trial. She seemed emotional when giving her final plea, “The day Gia was born I felt something I felt something that i ad not felt in many, many years: hope, love and a purpose."

But Judge White didn't believe her citing that she was still using cocaine even after her daughter's death in January of 2011: “Your chronic cocaine addiction not only controlled your life but it controlled the death of baby Gia. Unfortunate. How sad this case is.

The judge is personally invested in cases like this because he's presided over drug court hearings for 10 years. That prior experience played a vital part in his decision-making.  And 12 years was even more time in prison than the Prosecutor Marilyn Hite-Ross was hoping for: “This being a child who was deprived the right to live, because of the reckless conduct of her mother.  So we're very pleased with the judge's decision."

The judge’s decision was also based upon a laundry list of other charges Lamonica was been sentenced for in the past.  He says that she's had plenty of chances to change her ways but has chosen not to do so.  The maximum sentence Lamonica could have received was 14 years in prison.  The defense is going to appeal this decision.
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