Trampoline Park Becoming A Reality

Trampoline Park Becoming A Reality

An old movie theatre complex is being transformed into a trampoline park.
ROCKFORD-Years ago Stateliners went to the old Cherryvale Threaters by the Cherryvale Mall to watch movies. Now those theaters are being transformed into a trampoline park and training center by the Gymnastics Academy of Rockford.

Crews have removed 300 tons of material from the theaters so far. Once the theaters have been gutted, workers will begin fixing them up and installing carpeting and gymnastics equipment.

The goal is to have the facility open for business Thanksgiving week.

"We seem to be right on schedule," says Gymnastics Academy of Rockford owner Jim Aamodt. "Things are going good. We've got part of the demolition done, and we're now just starting to put Humpty back together."

Two of the former theaters will be open to the public for trampoline use. Birthday parties and other events can be held there.  The third former theater will be part of the Gymnastic Academy's regular training center for gymnasts.
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