Tsaparis Tscience

Tsaparis Tscience

An elephant learns to walk, algae curing brain diseases and a man controls his robotic leg with his mind

WTVO / WQRF – Bionic technology taking a step in the right direction this week. A man who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident receives a robotic substitute from the Rehab Institute of Chicago that he controls with his mind.  The way it works is that it decodes electrical signals traveling from the brain to the remaining leg muscles.  Then it interprets his intended movements.


And speaking of the brain, can pond scum cure Parkinson’s disease?  Scientists at MIT are taking DNA from common green algae and placing it in brain neurons. It causes the neuron to become electrically activated.  This is called optogenetics.    Researchers want to figure out how the mind creates memories which can be used to help fight brain disorders.


And finally, this baby elephant doesn't know how his feet or trunk work.  Tourists in South Africa caught this little guy stumbling around and playing with his trunk while out in the Savanna.  Baby elephants go through this awkward process as they grow into their larger features but, it's also just really adorable.

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