UPDATE: Elementary School Evacuated After Odor Makes Dozens Sick

UPDATE: Elementary School Evacuated After Odor Makes Dozens Sick

Officials confirm many adults and kids had to be hospitalized after breathing landfill gas..
UPDATE (4:26pm): Waste Management issued a statement.  It blames a third party construction company working at the landfill.  The crew was digging into old garbage, causing the odor to escape, that's when "the winds changed direction towards the school."  Waste Management says that odor was not methane gas.  As for going forward, "any future work will be performed only when favorable conditions exist or the school is not in session." 

UPDATE (4:15pm): Kishwaukee Community Hospital officials confirm they've treated 67 people with symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.  However, none of their cases are believed to be life-threatening and many of the victims have already been discharged from the hospital.

CORTLAND -- School officials confirm that both adults and students had to be taken to the hospital after breathing what appears to be gas from a nearby landfill.

Several area fire departments were called to Cortland Elementary school after a strong smelling odor has left several feeling sick, forcing the school to be evacuated while officials investigated the source.  The school is located about 10 miles southeast of DeKalb.

School officials say 16 people were taken to the hospital, but the 'DeKalb Daily Chronicle' reports the number was 47.  Police on the scene would not comment, and 'Eyewitness News' is still seeking to verify the actual number taken to the hospital for treatment.

Officials at first thought a carbon monoxide leak may be the source.  However, the DeKalb County Sheriff tells 'Eyewitness News' that the landfill located within a half-mile of the school was targeted at the source after officials noticed the odor was worse outside than inside.  Winds from that direction and reported work at a pipe at the landfill may have caused the odor to migrate to the school.

More details tonight on 'Eyewitness News' at 5 and 6pm.
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