UPDATE: Man in Custody for Theft of Ambulance From Local Hospital

UPDATE: Man in Custody for Theft of Ambulance From Local Hospital

ROCKFORD - 51 year old Paul Chandler is in custody for the theft of a Rockford Memorial ambulance.

UPDATE - Police have the man responsible for stealing the ambulance in custody. 51 year old Paul Chandler of St. Charles managed to steal an ambulance right outside of the ER at Rockford Memorial Hospital.

A wild search, lasting more than six hours, led police all the way to Kane County. This morning, Chandler is in custody.

The ambulance was recovered near Marengo. Police bulletins indicate Chandler may be mentally ill.

Police intially located the ambulance soon after it was stolen near Rockton, but Chandler fled and the search continued near Elgin, before finally being recovered in McHenry County.

He is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and the theft of an ambulance. Police have not said how he managed to get in the vehicle in the first place.

UPDATE - Police say the man jumped into a Metro Ambulance sitting in the unloading bay and drove off. A paramedic and nurse tried to stop him, but had to get out of the way when their warnings were ignored. The ambulance was reported last seen in the Elgin area. He faces possible assault and auto theft charges.

ROCKFORD - A man who stole an ambulance from a local hospital remains at large.

This happened around 4:45pm Wednesday.  Rockford Police say the ambulance was parked outside of the ER at Rockford Memorial Hospital.

The suspect, believed to be a white male in his 40s, stole a Metro Ambulance and headed east.  There were reports of sightings of the ambulance in East Rockford, on the tollway near Belvidere, and even near Elgin.  The man has not yet been apprehended however.

According to scanner reports to other police agencies which are not confirmed, the man is considered to be mentally ill and may be dangerous.

No word on how he was able to steal the ambulance in the first place.

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