Volunteers Take a Ride to Clean Up the Pecatonica River

Volunteers Take a Ride to Clean Up the Pecatonica River

After recent flooding, volunteers clean up the Pecatonica River.Take a look to see what they found
Stateliners were up bright and early cleaning the Pecatonica River. It’s an annual clean up that’s been going on for over a decade. The event is run by the United Sportsmen’s Youth Foundation. 

The United Sportsmen's Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization that works to purchase large tracts of habitat, provide and preserve multi-use habitat for children, teach children that personal involvement can positively impact wildlife and habitat, and work to unite sportsmen, agriculture, and communities.

Member Mark Callos says of the river “it’s kind of disturbing what we find in there.”Mark and his friend Aaron were up at 4:30 in the morning to clean up the river.

They found various items such as tires, bowling balls, and televisions.

Aaron Dinderman speaks of the river and says “it all has to do with the health of the environment……”the fish we eat you know we enjoy fishing so you’d want the river clean.”

More then seventy volunteers also helped search the river. The two friends hope the tradition continues.Callos says “it’s not just us you know, it’s the people you know in the future you know when we’re gone, and we want to have it clean for everybody else too.”

Organizers site flooding from earlier this year as a reason the river is filled with trash.
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