Warm Shelters Help Alleviate Cold Medical Emergencies

Warm Shelters Help Alleviate Cold Medical Emergencies

ROCKFORD -- This historic cold snap is causing life-threatening temperatures for at least one more night. But it looks like the message has been well received by the public.
ROCKFORD -- Temps around the Stateline are unbearably cold, down to -18°F Monday morning. But folks are staying out of harm's way.

“Oddly, yeah, i thought there'd be a lot of cold weather related issues but, not much at all.”  Dr. Jason Riesinger says in his two years working at Rockford Memorial Hospital, Monday is one of the slower days he's seen in the emergency room.
“I think people have been communicated to to stay indoors and not try to push themselves."

Chris Eldridge is the Director of Development the Rockford Rescue Mission and has seen a surge of people over the last couple days, “We're seeing more people coming in for meals right now than we have been."

Folks are welcome to a warm meal and warm place to stay until weather conditions become more bearable. Eldridge says the rise in numbers means that more people are getting the message, “We've been trying to make sure that people are well educated but not only that but well-equipped for this weather."

Those not properly dressed and have exposed skin-- could get frost bite in under 15 minutes.  So while everyone may know to bundle up and limit the amount of time outside, Dr. Riesinger also gives this piece of advice: "You wanna make sure too that the clothing you're wearing is not too tight fitting. So don't cinch down your boots keep them loose because you wanna keep the circulation flowing in your extremities--in your hands and your feet."

And if you do experience signs of frost bite, get indoors and warm up naturally--don't use hot water to do the trick--because then you could burn yourself.
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