Why Some Viewers Can't See Fox Graphics

Why Some Viewers Can't See Fox Graphics

Scott Leber explains why some World Series viewers can't see the entire score graphic.
ROCKFORD-"Why can't I see the entire graphic in the corner of my screen?"  That's what some World Series viewers are wondering. Fox Network puts it's Fox Box graphic of the scoring and inning in the upper left corner of the screen. Fox creates all its graphics for high definition television broadcasting.

For viewers with HD television the graphic shows up perfectly. If you're not seeing the complete graphic it's because you don't receive HD programming on your television.  Local affiliate Fox 39 in Rockford has no control over the Fox Network graphics. Fox views itself as a progressive network with the latest in technology. Since the majority of television viewers have made the switch to HD, that's how Fox sets up its programming.

This isn't true for only the World Series. Fox's Sunday NFL telecasts also use the Fox Box corner graphic.

If you're not receiving HD programming on your cable, you can unhook your cable and receive the HD broadcast over the air by hooking up your television to an antenna, then you'll be able to see the entire graphic (that's if you have a flat screen television).

Otherwise you're out of luck.  Don't you love technology?
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