With Government Shutdown Looming, House Republicans Scrambling

With Government Shutdown Looming, House Republicans Scrambling

Rep. Kinzinger joins other Republicans in saying he cannot support Senate bill which includes funding for 'Obamacare.'
WASHINGTON, DC -- Following Senate passage of a funding bill which includes money for 'Obamacare,' Republicans in the House now face a stark choice.  Vote to pass a bill which includes funding for the 'Affordable Care Act,' or reject it and likely force a government shutdown.

A statement provided to 'Eyewitness News' after the Senate vote indicates that Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL 16) will vote to reject the bill.  Kinzinger does not support a shutdown, and he and House Republicans are looking at their options, but he is also clear that he cannot support a bill which includes funds for Obamacare.  “Last week the House passed a bipartisan proposal to fund the federal government and protect the American people from Obamacare. Today, Senate Democrats once again relied on a party line vote to sustain this unworkable law, even though 57% of Americans oppose it. This law is simply not ready for primetime, and needs to be permanently delayed.”

The pressure is intense on House Republicans because as unpopular as 'Obamacare' is to many, a government shutdown would be even worse.  Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL 17) made this point in a statement asking the House Speaker to schedule a vote as soon as possible, noting that 236 business organizations including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have urged Congress not to allow a government shutdown.

“Now that the Senate has passed a clean bill to keep the government operating," Bustos in a statement.  "Speaker Boehner should immediately hold a vote on this bill, as is, so that seniors, veterans and other middle class families across Illinois can continue to receive vital services and avoid disruption to Social Security and disability claims.  It’s time to end the partisan gamesmanship in Washington and work together on common sense solutions that prioritize our constituents at home.”

The House is scheduled to go into session on Saturday.  The government will shut down at midnight on Monday if a continuing resolution is not passed by then.
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