Ari Bruckman

Multimedia Journalist Ari Bruckman joined Eyewitness News in October 2020.  Ari is a recent graduate of Indiana University where he graduated with a degree in Media Management.  Before starting his career with Eyewitness News, Ari interned for “FOX 32 News Chicago.”  Ari was raised in the northern Chicagoland suburbs.  

Ari is committed to accurately reporting the news to his viewers in a way which allows them to form their own opinions on important topics and current events.  When he is not seeking out Eyewitness News’ next big story, Ari enjoys spending time with his family, working out, and producing his online talk-show.  

Please feel free to connect with Ari on social media or by email with any tips, or story ideas of interest to you! 

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