A positive start to OTAs adds to the Bears optimism for the upcoming season

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The Bears are only two months away from the start of training camp and what could be a very special season. The first sign of that has come this week in Lake Forest where the Bears are going through their first OTA (Organized Team Activity) workouts.

Matt Nagy says this OTA session is night-and-day different from the first one last year when he was new to the team.

“The biggest thing for sure is just the fact that I know every one of these players inside out right now whereas last year at this time, this was when I was trying to learn who they re. Now I know how they react to different situations and who they are, and I think that’s a huge advantage for me.”

Nagy is pleased that every player on the roster has reported for duty. There are no holdouts, no one walking to the beat of their own drum.

“The attendance we have right now with our players, first of all it’s not surprising because I know who are guys are from last year.” “I’d put our (team) up there as far as attendancewise tops in the league and saying that speaks volumes to those players.” “Yesterday we had an optional lift and we hard darn near, I want to say 98% of the guys on an optional lift. They didn’t have to. They showed up.”

Nagy says this is the time of the year when the culture of the team is woven.

“I think they understand how big and how important culture is to us and right now, right now is the time when the culture part, (with) the new people you can really build on that.”

Even though they’ve only had two practices in only shorts and  helmets with no pads, Nagy says he can already see improvement in Mitchell Trubisky.

“Mitch is in and out of the huddle. He sees the defense and so from the time that we’ve been out here, it’s exciting. You stay cautiously optimistic that he’s going to take that really big jump which we, I’ve been saying that since I got here that it takes time, but you can see the vision from him within the huddle and at the line of scrimmage.” “He’s doing things the last two days that last year at this time he wasn’t even close to.”

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