(WTVO/WQRF) — With no preseason games during a pandemic, a quarterback competition with the Bears will obviously look a lot different than it would in normal circumstances. Even then, Head Coach Matt Nagy is confident they’ll be able to pick their starting QB with a shortened schedule.

“We need to be creative within drills and make sure that the time that’s given to us in practice, that we’re using it as much as they can with competitive periods,” Nagy said.

While they have to choose a starter at some point, Nagy says it’s still a seasonal process.

“When you name that starter, you obviously want that starter in a perfect world to be able to go win super bowl but there’s so many different things that can happen especially this season,” Nagy explained. “We’ll have a nice little plan on how we want to evaluate here in training camp and then also, how do we evaluate fairly during season in the game?”

And yes, Nagy recognizes Foles will have the disadvantage of not having as much familiarity with the team, but he believes Foles will do what he can to make up for it.

“Nick knows that, he’s a smart guy, but at the same time, I think he’ll be hungry to get back out there and just really get on the field and try to build those relationships up that he lost,” Nagy said.

Disadvantages or not, Nagy isn’t going to hold back his comments on how these quarterbacks play. If they’re bad, if they’re good, they’ll know it.

“If one of the quarterbacks is stinkin’ it up and he’s playing like crap, we’re going to tell you you’re playing like crap and if you’re playing really well and we’re going to tell you that in front of the other one,” Nagy said. “They’re both going to know when someone’s playing good and someone’s playing good or someone’s playing bad and someone’s playing bad. They’re going to know that. So when the time comes that we inevitably need to make a decision, trust me, it’s not going to be a surprise to them and that’s where I think open communication helps.”

Bears General Manager Ryan Pace says whatever decision they do make, it’ll be a collaborative one.

“I think understanding there’s going to be ebbs and flows to the evaluation and it’s going to be an evaluation of the entire process, not just each practice,” Pace said. “I think letting it play out naturally. Letting it come to us and the good thing with Matt, it’s constant dialogue, constant communication, constant collaboration between him and I and his coaching staff and personnel staff. Like everything we do, it’ll be a collaborative decision and I think what makes it easy is just our constant communication that Matt and I have.”