Bears’ Kyle Long might be ready to suit up Sunday

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For the first time since late October Kyle Long could be back in action for the Bears this Sunday in Minnesota.

Long has been out with a football injury since the Jets game in week seven. He returned to practice last Friday and he was back on the practice field Wednesday in Lake Forest.

“When you’re dealing with an injury, you never really know if the light at the end of the tunnel is the end of the tunnel or another train coming to hit you, so I’m glad I was able to make my way out and see some sunshine,” said Long to reporters.

“As I said, in this business, if you can’t be on the field, nobody wants to see you, nobody wants to be around you, and I look forward to proving my worth to my teammates and my coaches and the fans.”

Long says he’ll know when he feels good enough to return, as he focuses on his conditioning.

“I mean, I’m not a marathon runner,” says Long. “Thank God it’s a six-second interval. If it was double-digits, I don’t know if I’d ever be able to make it. But football conditioning is a real thing, and I look forward to working my tail off to get back in that same position that I was, from a cardiovascular standpoint, prior to injury.”

Mitch Trubisky is excited for Longs’ return. He says Long will help create bigger holes in the run game.

“I’m very excited. I know Kyle’s very excited as well. When you put a guy like that back into the offense, it makes everyone else around them better, immediately, the guys up front.”

With an opportunity for a first round bye in the playoffs, Kyle knows there’s a lot riding on Sunday’s game, but it’s not just where in the playoffs the Bears could land that means something to Long, it’s the opportunity to have a part in the playoffs at all.

“I want to do my part. I’m just one of 11 guys on offense, and I’m trying not to be the one of 11 that’s not doing his job.”

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