Bears talk about their meeting in regards to national unrest, following George Floyd’s death

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(WTVO/WQRF) — Bears defensive tackle and member of the team’s social justice committee Akiem Hicks will be the first to tell you he didn’t think anything positive was going to come from the Bears two-hour meeting on Monday. During the call, they talked about the national unrest, following the death of George Floyd.

“I felt like it might be a controlled situation, where they want to control the narrative and point us in a direction,” Hicks explained. “So that when we talk to you guys, it’s only going to be a certain message that you guys hear.”

He admits it was the complete opposite.

“As a team, there was a level of healing involved in that call and there was a level of us just coming together,” Hicks said. “We just got a little bit tighter. We’ve had this experience together.”

“When the two hours ended and I’m sure we could’ve gone a lot longer, we were all very emotionally drained, in a good way,” Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy said.

Hicks told the media about his own experience as a black man. He says he’s always understood he had to make other people feel comfortable before himself.

“At an early age, being – not just a larger kid but a larger black kid – I was seen as the antagonist in a lot of situations,” Hicks said. “I was seen as the bully. I was seen as the person that… just not in the best light.”

Danny Trevathan is also part of the team’s social justice committee. He wanted to let everyone in their call on Monday know, nobody is ever alone.

“I feel like if we don’t talk to one another, we can’t trust one another,” Trevathan said. “To be a great team, you have to trust the people that you’re playing with.”

Hicks wonders if what’s going on in the country right now will change things for Colin Kaepernick. He admits he and other players he’s talked to, had fear of losing their jobs if they had taken a knee during the national anthem and supported Kaepernick. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, in regards to the Bears not giving Kaepernick a chance, Hicks said the team “signed Mike Glennon.”

So where does he think Kaepernick would be now, if he hadn’t taken a knee?

“Do I know if he would’ve gotten a huge deal and been going on to be a Hall of Fame quarterback? I don’t know these things,” Hicks said. “I just know that when he took a knee, he was silenced. Or they attempted to silence him.”

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