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Confident Trubisky ready to make a big year two leap

BOURBONNAIS - The Bears have made some definite upgrades this year adding a new head coach and several new players, but the biggest key to this coming season will the guy who will be returning at quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

"I'm trying to put all of  my focus and energy into this game and what I've got to do," said Trubisky when the Bears reported to training camp in Bourbonnais last Thursday.

Trubisky speaks like a quarterback who has a good head on his shoulders. He has a vision for who he wants to be. That's a quarterback who reaches his full potential and who helps the Bears reach their full potential.

"He's very driven and very focused," said Bears head coach Matt Nagy. "That's kind of generic terms but the kid generally cares about the game of football and his position."

Bears fans saw just enough flashes from Trubisky last year to know that they might finally have a franchise quarterback in Chicago. But no one saw all of what Trubisky can do because the previous coaching staff was afraid to open up the offense and let Trubisky take chances. Things will be much different this year in Matt Nagy's system.

"I would just say that I was just doing what I was asked to do," said Trubisky. "Last year is definitely different than this year, so I'm going to have more responsibility. I'll have more options and last year it was the way it was."

Trubisky did set Bears rookie records for passing yards and for passing attempts last season, but his quarterback rating was the second worst in the NFL. His production did improve dramatically down the stretch though, and with some new weapons on offense and a year of experience under his belt the stage could be set for Trubisky to make a big leap this year.

"I feel a lot more comfortable than last year. I know my role. I know exactly what I need to do. I can just go out there and be myself. I know everybody on the team. I know that I've earned their respect and trust."

"He wants to be the greatest teammate on this team," says Nagy. "He knows if he does that he'll make guys around him better."


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