Khalil Mack’s little brother is soaking it all in with the Bears

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(WTVO/WQRF) — Ledarius Mack went from watching his older brother Khalil wreak havoc with the Bears, to now living with him in Chicago and joining that same team. The former University of Buffalo Bull says he just wants to soak in and learn as much as he can.

“My biggest part is just learning everything I can,” Ledarius said. “How to walk like a pro, how to talk like a pro – pro things. It’s just getting in that mindset and that’s the biggest part for me right now.”

At 6-1 and 240 pounds, Ledarius is expected to play on special teams with the Bears, but he says he’ll do whatever they need him to do.

“No more, no less,” Ledarius said. “If they need me to get the ball, I’m going to get the ball. If they need me to run down on kick off, I’m going to do that if they need me. It doesn’t really matter ’cause like I said, whatever presents itself to me, I’m going to take it.”

Ledarius says Khalil vouches for him and believes in him, so now, he just has to back it up.

“My job is to prove him right, back everything up,” Ledarius said. “That’s just my job right now.”

While the two brothers are similar in many ways, Ledarius jokes there is one thing he thinks he’s better at.

“I think I’m a better singer than he is but all jokes aside… we’re similar in a lot of ways and how we think and do things,” Ledarius said. “The only difference is he’s taller, all that type of stuff… I’ll say that’s the main difference for right now between us.”

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