Nagy, Pace Excited To Team Up With Bears

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The Bears have hit the ‘reset’ button again with a new head coach. Matt Nagy will team up with General Manager Ryan Pace to try to bring Bears’ fans the winner they’ve been craving.

The Bears will go as far as this relationship between Nagy and Pace takes them. The two men talk like there was instant chemistry between them when they met last weekend for Nagy’s interview.

“You feel a lot of shared beliefs in things that we would talk about. About how to build a team and culture and our organization,” said Pace Tueday during a press conference at Halas Hall. “It’s just someone that you feel very strong about working together.”

“One of the things I noticed right away off the bat with Ryan is understanding how easy it’s going to be for us to have a partnership,” says Nagy. “It’s going to be strong. I told him I said, ‘I’ve got you.”

It’s a very young combo. At age 39 Nagy is only vaguely familiar with the greatest Bears team of all-time.

“This might bring out my youth a little bit, but I do remember one of the first Super Bowls seeing the Super Bowl against the Patriots,” says Nagy of the ’85 Bears team that won it all.

With Nagy’s youth though comes energy and passion.

“My wife will tell you I’m a type A personality,” says Nagy.

“He’s intelligent. He’s innovative,” says Pace. “He has strong character. He’s got a great family, and he shares the same passion for the game that I have.

Nagy says he’ll not only be the head coach, he’ll also call all of the offensive plays for the Bears. That’s where part of the gamble of this hire comes in. Nagy only called plays with the Chiefs for the final five games of this past season.

Nagy admits he made every offensive play call in the Chiefs’ playoff loss last weekend to the Titans. In the second half of that game the Chiefs were shutout. Nagy chalks that up as a learning experience.”

“That was a failure in my book for me, but I’ll grow from it and I’ll learn from it I promise you that.”

And he’ll be counted on to grow Mitchell Trubisky into a top-flight quarterback. Nagy says the opportunity to coach Trubisky was only part of the reason he wanted the Bears job.

“That’s a benefit to have Mitch Trubisky. I know a lot about him because I had him in the combine and we spent some time with him, but this is a team game. Everyone on this team is just as important as the quarterback.”

Nagy wouldn’t say what schemes the Bears will run, and he says he has talked with defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, but nothing has been decided yet about Fangio’s future.

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