Pace and Nagy happy with running back position

Bear Blitz
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The Bears kicking situation is still up-in-the-air, but the running back spot is a whole lot clearer following the draft and free agency.

General Manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy like the group they’ve assembled at that position. Jordan Howard and Bennie Cunningham have been subtracted, but Mike Davis, David Montgomery and Kerrith Whyte have been added. Oh, and don’t forget Cordarrelle Patterson who will see some carries out of the backfield.

Pace and Nagy believe they have a lot more versatility and a lot less predictablity at  running back.

“They’re (the running backs) all a little bit different and I like that,” said Nagy. “I think it enables us coaches to kind of figure out what guys do well. We have a good idea right now but with Mike being new and  then David coming in being new and then Kerrith coming in they all have a little bit of a different mix.”

“It gives you options and they’re weapons. In my opinion they’re all weapons. They can play every down.”

That wasn’t the case with Howard who wasn’t a big help on third-down plays and Cunningham who was strictly a third-down back.

Davis and Montgomery can run hard between the tackles, but they also have enough wiggle to make defenders miss them. They can also catch the football.

“We envision a scenario where they’re all contributing in different areas,” said Pace. “We feel good about that room now, really good about that room. They all bring a little bit of different things to the table. Matt and I were just talking about it; the different things we can do with all the backs in that room.”

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