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There is room for little guys in the NFL if they have blazing speed like the Bears’ Tarik Cohen.

At 5’6″ 180 pounds Tarik Cohen isn’t the most intimidating football player on the field, but what he lacks in size he more than makes up for in other ways.

“He’s real explosive. He’s real quick, and he has great hands,” says head coach John Fox.

“He’s definitely a shifty back. He’s hard to cover in space,” says linebacker Nick Kiwatkoski.

The Bears fourth-round draft pick looks at his size not as a disadvantage, but as something useful.

“It’s definitely a major thing in my game, because considering my size if a defender really gets hands on me, like a good grip on me, most likely he’s going to make the tackle,” says Cohen. “So me evading the tackle is very important.”

Cohen made a living off his short stature at North Carolina A&T. Hiding behind bigger offensive linemen, and slipping through defenders led to more than 6000 total yards of offense for him in four years. He’s ready to prove himself again at camp.

“I’m looking forward to proving it in practice. You know I got to prove it to my teammates first before I can prove it to another team,” says Cohen. “So I’m looking forward to getting contact in practice, and in the scrimmage.”

With Jordan Howard now the lead running back Cohen will look to be the change-of-pace back in the Bears running game. Cohen believes they’re putting him in a position to do just that.

“I’m very comfortable in the offense. The coordinator, and Coach Fox are really putting me in the position match-up wise to be able to showcase my speed, agility, and quickness.”

“He is a match-up problem,” says Fox. “He’s tough for linebackers or even safeties at times. So of those type of guys, those third down backs, are like receivers.”

“You know that’s what I’m looking forward to?” says Cohen. “I’m looking forward to contributing to the offense.”

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