Trey Burton will be in strange position Sunday facing his former teammates

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When free agent, Trey Burton left Philadelphia for Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy knew the Bears were getting a good one. What he didn’t know was how much Burton would exceed his expectations.

“He’s been everything, plus, from what I knew, what I saw on tape,” said Nagy. “Just seeing him and what he’s done, what he did in Philadelphia and what he’s done here now with us.”

From last year’s Super Bowl champions to now playing against them, Burton says he’s excited to see some of his best friends again. He stood in weddings for four of them.

“Obviously I have a relationship that goes way, far behind football,” says Burton.

Burton threw a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl known as the Philly Special. He says it’s a moment he’ll cherish forever.

“I’ll never get sick of it. No. Never. It will always be a part of my life, my family’s life. No one can ever take the Super Bowl away from us, and it was an unbelievable time, but now I’m here and I’m excited to be here.”

Coming in as one of the more experienced veterans on the team, Burton has been able to pass along advice to players like Mitch Trubisky on how to handle games on the big stage.

“I mean the bottom line for him and I’s relationship is, I just tell him to have fun,” says Burton. “I feel like my role to him is just to remind him to have fun. Laugh with him, joke with him and get him out of the serious mentality.”

With so much success the guys have had this season, Nagy says he’s making sure the team doesn’t reach it’s peak just yet. Burton says there’s only one place they can do that.”

“You want to peak during the Super Bowl. That’s probably when you want to be playing your best. If you can survive and peak in the Super Bowl, you’re going to have a good season.”

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