Trubisky making strides but kicker position still a question mark at Bears OTAs.

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The Bears are breaking a sweat and brushing up on their playbooks this week as they go through another set of off-season workouts.

The reigning NFC North champs have lofty expectations heading into the 2019 season. And Bears fans are hoping to see a lot of growth from third-year quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

“He’s learning this offense, but now what he’s trying to do is master it,” said Bears coach Matt Nagy. “I think last year he learned it. This year he’s trying to really master it. There are plays out here that he makes [and] adjustments that he makes that we don’t have to tell him, ‘Hey, do this.’ He just does it naturally.”

“It’s basically trying to know the offense as well as Coach Nagy does,” said Trubisky fresh off the practice field. “Just being on the same page, mastering this offense, owning every single… Whether it’s protection call, check, adjustment, changing plays.”

The comfort in executing plays has given Trubisky the confidence to now help the new guys, who he says add to their list of weapons.

“Yeah, we’ve got a ton of weapons on offense. It’s a lot of fun for a quarterback. I’ve got a lot of talent around me. The free agents we signed that came in here who are learning the offense and picking it up really quickly and same with the rookies.”

Trubisky’s strong leadership on the field comes as no surprise to Nagy.

“It’s everything that we knew he could do last year, it’s just [now] he’s doing it more. He’s watching tape, he’s leading meetings, he’s vocal in the meetings that we have.”

While Trubisky seems to have a good grasp of things on his end, he says he and his teammates are supporting the three kickers they have on the team right now, still competing for a final spot. There were a couple of missed kicks on Wednesday but Trubisky says he’s not worried.

“Once we take care of it, it won’t even be a thing. I guess it’s (discussion of the kicking situation) just a trend right now.”

“We’re trying to let this thing play out,” said Nagy. “That’s a very important position for us right now so we’re going to be delicate with it and make sure that whatever we do, we talk about it and decide what the best thing is to do. If we need to bring three to camp, we’ll bring three to camp.”

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