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The Bears 3-7 record all but slams the door on their playoff hopes. These final six games are all about the continued development of Mitch Trubisky. He took a step forward last Sunday against the Lions, but he still has a lot of devleoping to do.

Sunday we saw some of the good and the not so good from Trubisky. The not so good was his fumble early in the second quarter that was scooped up and run in for a Lions’ touchdown by D.J. Hayden.

“It was one of those freaky plays. It just had to be on me. I just didn’t secure the snap,” said Trubisky after the game.

The good was a 19 yard scramble by Trubisky on fourth down on the Bears final drive.  That moved the ball to the Lions 43 yard line. Trubisky followed that up by throwing a dart to Dontrelle Inman for a gain of 13 yards. That put the Bears in position to attempt a potential game-tying field goal. 

Right now Trubisky is the focal point of a team that is playing just well enough to lose and while the losing hurts, Trubisky expects to grow from it.

“Adversity is a great teacher. Overcoming struggles is a great teacher and you just continue to keep that mindset.”

The coaches opened up the play-book a lot more Sunday taking some of the shackles off Trubisky.
Little-by-little Trubisky is earning the trust of his coaches. He already has 100 percent trust from his teammates. They love the way he commands the offense and the way he commands the huddle.

Receiver Dontrelle Inman described what Trubisky was like on the Bears’ final drive. “He was calm. He came to the huddle and told everybody, ‘Calm down. We’re going to win this game’. That’s what the greats do. There’s no up and down with the emotional level when it comes time to actually go win the game. That’s a plus for him.”

“Obviously it’s not all perfect,” says guard Kyle Long. “He’s a young quarterback in the league. He has the confidence and the trust of the guys around him and that’s a rare thing in this league for a young quarterback to have. We’re lucky to have him and I’m looking forward to blocking for him for a long time.”

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