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Techno Study Leads Global IT Empowerment for Women

Techno Study

Techno Study Leads Global IT Empowerment for Women

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Addressing the gender disparity in the global IT landscape, Techno Study, the pioneering online tech school, has announced a series of initiatives aimed at empowering women with essential IT skills and knowledge, enabling them to seize promising job opportunities in the rapidly-growing sector.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a remarkable 15% growth in the IT job market by 2031, translating to a surge of nearly 682,800 new roles. Recognizing the vastness of this market, Techno Study has risen to the challenge by offering comprehensive Bootcamps, tailored to cultivate skills from the ground up, leading to advanced expertise for women.

The global IT domain is not only growing but also becoming increasingly inclusive. With numerous companies offering remote roles to specialists outside the U.S., there's never been a better time for women worldwide to join the tech revolution," states [Official], at Techno Study.

However, a closer look at the tech education realm paints a concerning picture. The 2023 Global Skills Report by Coursera reveals that women constitute only about 43% of their total learners. This discrepancy, rooted in 100 countries and encompassing 124 million learners, underscores the dire need for targeted efforts to bridge the gender gap.

"At TechnoStudy, our mission transcends traditional tech education. We're committed to providing women across the globe with not only quality learning but also unwavering support through local mentorship, career preparation, and personalized mock interviews. We envision a future where women are at the forefront of the IT sector, driving innovation and transformation," emphasizes Malika.

Key highlights of Techno Study's women-empowering initiatives include

•Global Reach: With operational offices in Germany, Netherlands, and Turkey, Techno Study is geographically positioned to uplift women from various cultural backgrounds.
•Comprehensive Bootcamps: Offering programs in SDET, Data Science, Android App Development, and a Masters Program, Techno Study ensures a holistic approach to tech education.
•Career Support: Beyond education, Techno Study guarantees hands-on mentorship, fostering confidence and real-world readiness.

About Techno Study

Techno Study is an Online IT bootcamp school helping anyone to learn tech skills and launch a career to earn up to $100,000 a year! Offering several IT courses under their 6 months intensive Bootcamps, Techno Study is driven by a mission to empower youth to upscale their skillset and build a thriving IT career, even with minimal technology exposure. This IT school has empowered 1000+ students into becoming industry experts through 500+ live classes with a staggering hiring rate of 85%.

Join Techno Study's empowered alumni across the globe – chart the path to the dream job and uplift the next generation of female tech leaders.
To learn more about TechnoStudy's commitment to women empowerment and its array of programs, visit https://techno.study/

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