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"The Lava Trolls" Series Captivates with Icelandic Myth and Nature, Debut Literary Venture by Björgvin Guðjónsson

Meet the Lava Trolls

Meet the Lava Trolls and follow Sparky on his adventures

The Lava Trolls - Flame Meets Frost

The Lava Trolls - Flame Meets Frost

The Lava Trolls - Magma Meets Man, audiobook

The Lava Trolls - Magma Meets Man

Björgvin Gudjónsson announces the release of his debut literary and illustrative venture, "The Lava Trolls

In the labyrinthine underworld of Iceland, a land where volcanic vents doubled as chimneys and geysers were considered quaint neighbourhood features, Sparky, a young and inquisitive Lava Troll...”
— Björgvin Gudjonsson
ODENSE, DENMARK, November 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Contact:
Björgvin Guðjónsson
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Debut Literary Venture by Björgvin Guðjónsson:
"The Lava Trolls" Series Captivates with Icelandic Myth and Nature

Björgvin Guðjónsson, an accomplished artist and creative force in the world of design, marketing and advertising in Denmark and Iceland, is thrilled to announce the release of his debut literary and illustrative venture, "The Lava Trolls - The Crystal of Eldur," along with its captivating audiobook version and two other audiobook titles in the series of The Lava Trolls; "The Crystal of Eldur," "Flame Meets Frost," and "Magma Meets Man." Guðjónsson's first foray into the literary world is a profound reflection of his Icelandic heritage, showcasing a blend of folklore, a deep respect for nature, and a commitment to themes of inclusivity and friendship.

"The Lava Trolls - The Crystal of Eldur" unveils a world beneath the surface of Iceland, where Lava Trolls lead lives intertwined with the elements of their mythical realm. Guðjónsson's narrative, enriched by his own striking illustrations, crafts a tale that is both entertaining and morally enlightening, emphasising the importance of kindness, the beauty of nature, and the value of camaraderie.

Guðjónsson's vast experience spanning over 30 years in digital design, graphic illustration, and creative direction in advertising has culminated in this enchanting series. His ability to create compelling visual narratives is at the forefront, bringing to life the story of Sparky, the young Lava Troll, and his adventures. The audiobooks enhance this experience, immersing the listener in a world that perfectly melds the ancient with the contemporary.

While a subtle touch of Generative AI augments the project, it is Guðjónsson's artistic vision and storytelling prowess that are the foundation of this work. His reverence for Icelandic culture and nature deeply informs the narrative, offering readers and listeners a glimpse into a world where magic and reality coalesce.

"The Lava Trolls" series, rooted in Guðjónsson's passion for Icelandic folklore and his respect for the island's magnificent landscapes, is a testament to his creative versatility and his dedication to bringing meaningful stories to life. The series is an invitation to explore a world where legends come alive, underscoring the universal values of respect, friendship, and the innate goodness in people.

Available for purchase on major online bookstores and audio platforms, "The Lava Trolls" series is an ideal choice for anyone who cherishes fantasy, values the lessons of folklore, and believes in the power of good storytelling.

About the Author:
Björgvin Guðjónsson, renowned for his creative expertise in the realms of digital design and advertising, marks his entry into the literary world with "The Lava Trolls" series. His debut as an author and illustrator reflects his profound connection to his Icelandic roots and his flair for crafting engaging, visually stunning narratives.

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Björgvin Gudjonsson
Björgvin Gudjonsson
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