Gallus Medical Detox

Dallas, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gallus Medical Detox Center in Dallas, a leading provider of medically supervised detoxification services, is proud to share its substance use rehab program to help patients stop using drugs.

Patients will slowly reach sobriety in a medically monitored setting, with 24-hour care. The detox process typically takes up to five days and can take longer depending on an individual’s response to treatment. Patients take medicine, and nurses monitor them. They also help them stay hydrated and provide natural enhancers, such as aromatherapy, during their stay at Gallus.

“Our team prides itself on a superior inpatient treatment experience, designed to help our patients through the detox process as comfortably as possible.” Gallus Medical Director, Dr. Ron Sierzenski says. “This is the core of our mission. It sets the stage for industry leading levels of treatment completion and aftercare program engagement, the next critical step toward achieving the goal of maintaining sobriety.”

Their program signifies Gallus's continued commitment to addressing the unique needs of those struggling with substance use disorders.

Gallus is widely recognized for its unparalleled dedication to patient care. Gallus’s methods are proven medical, and evidence-based approaches to fighting substance use disorders. Long term support in recovery is a critical predictor of success. Our emphasis on aftercare differentiates us from other facilities.

We offer medical detox for all substances from alcohol to fentanyl. Our unique protocols are rated the best in the business to help to control withdrawal symptoms and keep patients comfortable throughout their stay.

All Gallus facilities are centers of excellence run by a highly trained staff including a medical director, nurses and clinical directors. Gallus is located in Scottsdale, Denver and Dallas and opening in Houston in October. Gallus is accepting patients now. Go to our website for more on Gallus Medical Detox. Or call: 866-492-7219.

Jen Marnowski
Gallus Medical Detox Centers

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