Dispatches from Iowa: Arrival at Caucus Central

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Caucus Central Wide

Our news team arrives at Caucus Central. It’s the nerve center for Iowa’s statewide caucuses and media coverage.

The center features dozens of media outlets along with a Rapid Response Center for election results. It will be the base of operations for our team as results come pouring in.

Our team is made up two people along with myself.

Andy Miller, news director from WCIA and our “fearless leader,” is here to help coordinate the dozens of live shots we will be doing in the next two days. He’ll be helping as a field manager ensuring everything goes according to plan.

Josh Clark will be our production assistant. He’ll be helping shoot and edit our stories. He’ll also be taking still photos for our dispatches, twitter, and Facebook.

And of course, myself. I’ll be reporting from “Caucus Central” for more than 20 local stations from Fresno, CA to Burlington, VT. We’ll bring you stories focusing on Iowa voters and of course all the latest results from Des Moines.

You can follow our travels here on the blog and on Twitter.

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