Man Shot and Killed Outside CherryVale Mall


In just 10 days, five people have been murdered in the Stateline area. Two of the crimes happened on Friday afternoon.  One victim died after a home invasion in Rockford, followed by terror outside CherryVale Mall: one person died after a gunman opened fire on a car.

Police swarmed South Mall Drive, blocked off roads and established a perimeter with crime scene tape after the deadly shooting outside of the Macy’s entrace.

At least two people were inside the navy blue Hyundai SUV, one of them was shot. Cherry Valley Police Chief Robert Swank said Cherry Valley Firefighters were the first to respond.

“Upon arrival they did see and verify that there was a shooting and a car and a shooting victim,” said Winnebago County Sheriff Gary Caruana.

“Cherry Valley firefighters pronounced him deceased at the scene,” said Chief Swank.

Cherry Valley Police and the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department worked together to find out what happened. At teh scene, detectives were walking around the car and looking inside, trying to find any evidence that could provide some answers. They also had a canine unit to help out.

“They are interviewing one of the people that was in the car when we got the shots fired call,” said Sheriff Caruana.  The victim’s Hyundai hauled away on the bed of a tow truck.  It’s not clear how many people were involved in the shooting and finding them won’t be easy. “The way the vehicle was traveling, pretty sure he’s not in the area,” said Sheriff Caruana.

The CherryVale Mall did not go on a lockdown and remained open.

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