ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — Job shadowing gives students the chance to see, first hand, what happens in the workplace.

As part of a partnership between Alignment Rockford and Rockford Public Schools, all 11th graders have a chance to observe a job at a local business.

Mary Falls is a senior at Auburn High School who says she enjoys interacting with children.

“I love playing with kids. I love having fun with kids. I have lots of little cousins, so I watch them all the time, and it just made me want to go into a career path dealing with kids,” she said.

Mary was able to shadow at Fairview Early Childhood Center, at 512 Fairview Avenue.

Classes at Fairview focus on the social-emotional development of kids between three and five years old.

Teacher Laurie Pellant thinks the job shadow program is good for teens.

“It’s good for them to go out into the real world and see what is this like? Is this something that I would enjoy? Is it something that I could be productive and purposeful [at] in my career choice?” she said.

Spending time in class with the little ones confirmed for Mary that teaching is the career she wants to pursue.

“I can actually see what I would be doing and what actually goes on, to see if I like it,” Mary said. “Or, to see if I want to do a different teaching path, like older kids, younger kids. So, I think it’s a great thing to do, to shadow.”

Fairview teachers say they believe the job shadowing experience is a win-win, for students and teachers.

“The more people that come in to see what we do and understand what early childhood education is all about, I think that benefits us here at Fairview,” Pellant said. “I think it benefits our community as well.”

In total, eight local businesses and organizations took place in the job shadow experience.


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