U of I College of Medicine Rockford is training the future leaders of medicine

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) — The University of Illinois College of Medicine Rockford is dedicated to teaching the next generation of physicians and scientists.

A grant has allowed to the school to expand research into nanotechnology.

“Five years ago the Blazer Foundation granted us three million dollars to create a laboratory in disability and degenerative medicine. We hired two researchers. They’ve been incredibly successful,” Alex Stagnaro-Green the Regional Dean of College of Medicine Rockford said. “And one of the post docs in that area has developed an area of science called nanotechnology. That’s working at the level of one billionth of one millimeter. And that individual will now be doing research in diabetes, ulcerative colitis, and on joint replacement.”

Stagnaro-Green said the school is committed to moving research forward.

Three scientists at The College of Medicine have already made great strides in work on diabetic retinopathy, metal implants and toxicity and a treatment for colitis.

School staff said the new lab will allow them to train medical leaders of tomorrow.

“We will have students being trained in that laboratory. We will be advancing science. Hopefully new treatment for diabetes. Joint replacement and ulcerative colitis,” Stagnaro-Green said. “And at the same time it will expand the name and the recognition of Rockford. Not only within Winnebago and the state of Illinois, but throughout the world.”

They’ve earned an excellent reputation for significant contributions in biomedical science, Stagnaro-Green said.

25 years ago a researcher in Rockford developed the shingles vaccine that’s now used throughout the world.

The commitment to research has had a positive impact on campus and in the community.

“As we move things forward and present our work around the world…we let them know that we are from Rockford and we are Rockford proud,” Stagnaro-Green said.

The University of Illinois is matching $500,000 towards the grant.


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