Excellence in Education

The completion of a high school education is a cornerstone to a successful life.  A higher graduation rate will increase the affluence of our families, the caliber of our workforce and the quality of life throughout the Stateline.

Top reasons companies participate in Excellence campaign:
- Ties your company into a campaign that encourages kids to stay in school and graduate.
- Clearly demonstrates your company’s commitment to educational excellence in the Stateline.
- Gain greater visibility for the commitments you and your employees have already made to education.
- Attracts a greater pool of applicants and a higher quality of applicants when you hire.
- Improves caliber of the future workforce for your company.
- Benefits your company as you give recognition to the successful students, teachers and programs that are working in our schools.
- Excellence salutes enable your company to target communities and demographics important to your business.
- Sponsorship increases employee morale and improves employee retention.
- Opportunity to recognize and salute your clients and potential clients for the work they are doing for excellence in education.
- Ties your company to a prestigious campaign and to the success of cause marketing.

We invite you to join us in this rare opportunity to make an investment in your business that will benefit your company and our schools.  Help shape the future of the Stateline with Excellence in Education.

For more information on how your business can be associated with our Excellence in Education campaign, please contact Jessica Newby at 815-963-1115 or jnewby@mystateline.com.

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