LOVES PARK, Ill. (WTVO) — Biomechanics is a fancy way to say “how your body moves,” and its the focus of a Loves Park business which has earned some recognition because of their work.

“I was athletic when I was in school, and then I came to a point where I could barely move,” said Dr. Rick Serola, CEO and Founder of Serola Biomechanics. “And then, I started stabilizing myself and then I became athletic again.”

Serola wasn’t a doctor then, but he is now. And the pain he described inspired him to become a chiropractor.

And then, he invented the patented Serola Sacroiliac Belt.

There were others on the market, he says, but they didn’t seem to work. So, he made his own, in his kitchen, with his wife’s sewing machine.

“I would, a half an hour into every patient, every visit…experimented with them more or less. I would test muscle strength and tension and what I could do. And I eventually came around to stabilizing the sacroiliac joint,” he said.

That experimentation, combined with decades of research, led to his Loves Park business, which today sits at 5406 Forest Hills Court.

About a dozen workers make the belts, which stabilizes the sacroiliac joint, basically where the spine and pelvis connect.

Serola’s been making the belts since the late 1980’s, with modifications over the years.

The company was recently recognized for its success overseas.

Serola received an award for exporting excellence at the 2019 Mid-America Trade Summit at the University of Missouri.

Company executives say quality and reputation are a big reason for Serola’s international demand.

President Tom Person said, “Because not only is that a problem for the consumer, having to deal with a return overseas, but it’s a problem for us. So we inspect every single product that goes out this building, multiple times, to make sure that even if a single thread is off by 3mm, we reject that product and make sure it’s done well and right.”

Thirty percent of the company’s business comes from other countries.

Dr. Serola says the award validates what he and his team are doing.

“Other people are interested, all over the world are interested, in this little nondescript invention,” he said, proudly. “For what it does and how it makes people feel.”

Serola is in the process of getting paperwork together for a national exporting recognition, called the President’s “E” Award.


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