ILLINOIS (WCIA) — In a letter submitted late Friday, Speaker Michael Madigan declined an invitation to testify before the House Special Investigative Committee. The announcement comes as a House Special Investigative Committee has begun a formal investigation into ComEd’s attempts to bribe the Speaker.

Governor Pritzker has called on Madigan to answer questions about ComEd’s confession. In his letter, Madigan denied any wrongdoing, and said if anyone at ComEd ever tried to bribe or influence him, they “would have failed miserably.”

“I take offense at any notion otherwise,” Madigan wrote. “To the extent that anyone may have suggested to others that I could be influenced, then they, too, were dead wrong and, had I known about it, I would have made every effort to put a stop to it.”

He additionally stated, “I believe part of my duty as an elected official is to help people, including helping those seeking employment. As I have stated before, I have never helped someone find a job with an expectation that the person would not be asked to perform work by his or her employer.”

Additionally former ComEd lobbyists Mike McClain, Jay Doherty, Mike Zalewski and ex-ComEd CEO Anne Pramaggiore all turned down the invitation to testify as well.

The committee has the power to issue a subpoena and force Madigan to testify, but that would require at least one democrat to vote in favor of it.

ComEd executives have agreed to testify under oath before the committee next Tuesday in Springfield.

State Representative Emanuel Chris Welch released a statement saying as of 5 p.m. Friday, “The Special Investigating Committee has received no formal indication of any witnesses planning to testify. The committee will proceed as scheduled with our Tuesday, Sept. 29 hearing at 2 p.m.” He continued to say, “I ask all members to come prepared to conduct themselves in a manner reflective of the serious business before us.”


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