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Election preview: Bustos and Fawell vie for Illinois' 17th Congressional District

ROCKFORD, Ill. - The race for Illinois' 17th Congressional District seat is heating up in the weeks leading up to November's election.

The district stretches from Peoria to the Quad Cities to Rockford.

Democratic incumbent Cheri Bustos, of East Moline, is facing off against Republican - and political outsider - Bill Fawell, of Galena.

"I know that my job is to make sure I'm working hard every single day," said Bustos.

"I'm going to represent the people. She represents the party," said Fawell.

Democrats are hoping to regain control of the House, aimed at putting a stop to some of President Donald Trump's policies.

"Every piece of legislation that the President and Republicans have come forward with, she's opposed," Fawell said.

"I think it's a distraction, every day, in Washington," Bustos said.

Elected in 2012, Bustos has taken a strong position on immigration, especially in recent months.

"What I support is comprehensive immigration, reform that allows our family farmers to hire workers, whether it's seasonal workers or year-round workers, and just make sure we address it in a comprehensive manner," she said.

Her opponent supports President Trump's call for a border wall with Mexico, and more security.

"You have got to build a wall, not just for immigration, but for the drugs, and I absolutely support the President on this," Fawell said.

Both candidates are focusing on helping the local farming industry with the President's recent tariffs.

"The President has already set aside $12 or $20 billion to help farmers pick up some of the slack while we go through this trade war, and I support that," Fawell said.

"I will continue to speak out loudly about the harm that this is doing, especially to our family farmers, and will do everything I can to put a stop to it, but this is in [Trump's] hands," Bustos said.


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