Golf makes a comeback at Durand High School

This year at Durand High School, golf is making a comeback from the past years after being first introduced in 2011.
As thought by golf coach Peter Robertson, golf is going very well this year for sophomore Luke McCartney, being the only golfer. McCartney has really stepped up to the plate. 
“Luke’s scores are typical for how old he is and his skill set. He usually golfs a 50-55 for a nine hole course, putting him in the middle of the pack,” Robertson said.
McCartney showed interest in doing golf over the summer and emailed Robertson about it. Although golf is through the school, McCartney’s parents are responsible for transportation and costs.
“Golf is different than any other sport, you have to rely on yourself and that’s it,” sophomore McCartney said.
Having golf added to the many sports that are available in DHS, gives students that do not participate in sports the chance to.  
“Adding golf and having different types of programs gives kids opportunities to be involved in what they really want to do and experience a variety of things,”  Robertson said.
Golf is going better than expected this year, and next year if anyone else wants to go out for the team the school may be doing a co-op with the Pecatonica golf team.

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